SimOn – VR Collaboration

SimOn – VR Collaboration

Get to where you want to be faster.


Business communications in VR

SimOn features tools for professionals in architecture, engineering and construction. Teams connect seamlessly and work together more efficiently. Co-workers, suppliers and clients meet from any place and at any time. The spatial visualisation of 3D models, FEM-simulations and environments helps to gain new insights, make better decisions and achieve faster results. 

Teams can immediately set up a meeting and share data. Collaborators can easily join a meeting with a personal access code. All users are represented by avatars with their names. They can talk and interact as naturally as if they were in the same room. The toolset adapts to the selected data types. 

Showcase designs, prototypes and products without the hassle of logistics, reduce travel costs and meet more often. 

Review 3D data, FEM simulations and environments as spatial representations true to size or in any ratio of choice. Contributors across disciplines analyse data with a specialised toolset. 

Accelerate projects, reduce costs and get better results.

Use Case

Architecture & Construction

Set up VR walkthroughs and review AEC projects based on BIM data, decide what needs to be done and coordinate the next steps with all stakeholders.

Use Case

Design & Engineering

Make digital twins, virtual prototypes or FEM simulations spatially tangible. Detect issues earlier, iterate faster and create better products.

Use Case

Marketing & Sales

Create immersive presentations and tell stories that will be remembered. Highlight product features in a coherent and engaging way equipped with amazing new abilities. 

What you see is what you get. Release the full potential of your data with SimOn.

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